BitcoinScript’s Documentation

Bitcoin Script Debugger and Interactive Shell

What is the BitcoinScript library?

BitcoinScript is a python3 library which provides a clean OO class interface for accessing, creating, and manipulating Bitcoin scripts.

BitcoinScript also includes two powerful tools: a debugger and an interactive shell for bitcoin scripts.

BitcoinScript is not an alternative implementation of a bitcoin-script interpreter. It is built on top of the existing and well-known python-bitcoinlib library, which does all the heavly-lifting and takes care of the gory details.

Main Features


See the debugger section of the docs.

Interactive Shell

See the interactive shell section of the docs.

Class Interface

BitcoinScript provides a clean and intuitive interface to script entities.

The main features of OO interface:

  • Specialized OutScript and InScript classes for each script type (P2PKH, P2SH, P2MULTISIG, etc.).
  • Access script components as attributes.
    • inscript.signature (P2PKH), outscript.pubkeys (P2MULTISIG,), etc.
  • Intuitive constructors.
    • InScriptP2PKH.from_pubkey_and_signature(pubkey, sig) –> creates an InScriptP2PKH object
  • Recursive access of P2SH redeem scripts (the scripts embedded in the P2SH inscript), which are scripts as well.
    • inscript_p2sh.redeem_script.type, inscript_p2sh.redeem_script.pubkeys, etc.
  • Easy to serialize script objects to raw binary form, and deserialize back to objects.
    • script.raw.hex() –> ‘76a91492b8c3a56fac121ddcdffbc85b02fb9ef681038a88ac’
  • Easy to format script objects to human-readable form, and parse back to objects.
    • print(script) –> ‘OP_DUP OP_HASH160 92...8a OP_EQUALVERIFY OP_CHECKSIG’

Getting Started

Install using pip:

pip install bitcoinscript


For an easy start, see the code examples.


BitcoinScript IS NOT production-ready. It is new, and hasn’t been tested in the wild.

For any task where mistakes can lose you money, please don’t rely on BitcoinScript.

Although I put much effort into testing the code, there may still be bugs.


Bug reports, suggestions and contributions are appreciated.

Issues are tracked on github.